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Engineered flooring

Plank Floors are market leaders in the supply of premium prefinished engineered timber flooring. Our company prides itself on craftsmanship and sourcing premium sustainable materials. All Plank products are manufactured using low VOC emissions processes and coatings to ensure the well-being of our employees and clients, enabling us to offer only beautiful, natural and environmentally friendly products. Our team invest time and resources to innovate across colours, textures and designs, Plank cross laminated timber products focus on European Oak flooring while also offering two Australian hardwoods, Spotted Gum and Blackbutt flooring.

Our boards are available in a range of formats, colours, textures, sizes and thicknesses. They are also supported by maintenance programs and compatible WOCA cleaning products to enhance the lifespan of the flooring. In addition, all Plank floorboards are backed by a 25-year structural warranty, providing peace of mind for our specifiers and clients. Plank Floors are timber specialists and able to provide education, advice and recommendations to specifiers and clients based on the individual needs of each project.

Our cross laminating technology


Plank engineered flooring are manufactured using a premium European Oak top lamella and high quality plywood substrate to create greater stability on wider plank sections. The cross lamination reduces the effects of expansion and contraction with changes in humidity and increases the installation methods available to suit a varies site requirements. With the ever-increasing demand for wider and longer boards, engineered timber flooring is becoming the most popular flooring of choice.

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