Rydges Geelong Hotel

Rydges Hotel located in Geelong Melbourne have refurbished and revamped their hotel with a whole new look and vibe. The Hospitality sector always looks to push the bar when design and performance is considered, hence why specification is vital in the conception stage of the design process. Interior designers, Plus Architecture have designed Rydges with a modern Biophilic design to entice and accommodate customers with a welcoming and inviting atmosphere. 


Hotel industries are known not only for their accommodating options but also for their available facilities. Dining and restaurant facilities require a high traffic resistant flooring product that is durable, functional and on trend. A major design feature seen throughout this fine establishment is the colour Dozie from our European oak collection.

Choosing the right tone and colour for a hospitality project is often dependent on the branding guidelines and voice of the hotel brand. Therefore Plank floors has a range of woodgrain tones that are on trend with local and international markets to meet the needs of designers and builders alike.



At Plank our European Oak collection has been created for durability, longevity and high performance in commercial and residential applications. Available in a wide range of colours with UV Oil and lacquer finishes, our products have low VOC emissions to ensure they are environmentally safe.

Design is a volatile process but with the right designers, builders and installers and the right product your design concept is limitless. With Plank floors you can be assured that performance, durability and design is always available and secure when specifying for your project.







Twynam Agricultural Group

Interior designer: The Bold Collective

Builder: Peloton Construction

Twynam Agricultural Group located in Sydney has been actively involved in the agricultural industry for over 50 years. Interior designers, The Bold Collective, have taken the client’s vision of a modern, industrial theme and created a stunning and sophisticated office fitout. The curated artwork installed defines the very essence of Twynam Agricultural Group and unites flawlessly with the raw finishes, plants and wooden flooring. 

Introducing exposed features and keeping the design elements mechanical has created a dynamic and contemporary appearance. The selection of engineered timber floors into the office has incorporated the rustic beauty that nature provides and emits an organic ambience where bringing the outdoors in, is clearly apparent. 


Commercial design has many factors and design elements to consider, along with any commercial construction regulations. Balancing appearance, functionality and performance becomes imperative when trying to reach you and your clients creative goal. At Plank Floors we can make your decisions easier by providing a beautiful, high performing and quality flooring product for your next project.


Office fitouts are notorious for being high traffic areas, especially where staff congregate at common areas. Therefore durability is paramount when selecting the appropriate flooring solution in a commercial environment. Featured throughout Twynam is our Mezzano board in colour Dozie from our European Oak collection. The perfect marriage between Dozie and the exposed, raw elements pushes the boundaries and creates an impressive office fitout.


Introducing a sustainable initiative into an office fitout results in a well balanced design between nature and rustic materials. In this case, raw exposed bricks coupled with the soft tones of Dozie creates a perfect unison and effortlessly exudes the modern industrial theme. 


Spaces, The Wentworth


Spaces, The Wentworth located in Perth have restored this old heritage landmark into a stunning office fitout. Taking up residence in the Wentworth Building, seen throughout is ‘Roken” from our European oak range. 

This impressive transformation is more than just a workspace; it is the next level of employee motivation when it comes to Spaces. The office fitout is designed to “increase maximum focus and enhance productivity in the work environment”.

Spaces, The Wentworth;  office fitout, Perth, Western Australia.




Perth, Western Australia

Builders & Designers: Intermain

Flooring solutions in an office fitout are transcending into new levels, when it involves interior design. These days the functionality and purpose of your ordinary desk office environment exceed common expectations.

The challenge is to create a non-commercial interior with a hospitality ambiance, without excluding the corporate and professional feel of the work environment and its clients.

At Plank floors, we have designed our colour and product range to assist designers to create at all levels with the purpose and function of high traffic areas, reliability and sustainability.




When selecting products to specify for your project there are so many questions to ask! 

It is always about the detailed operation and attributes for your design concept and before you know it, it becomes more complex. Reliability is a fickle situation when specifying a product or working with the right construction industry, it is a systematic process with the forever reach, to hit the ‘next design’ mark and not break the client’s budget. 

At Plank floors, we have meticulously engineered timber floors that will bring quality and value to the next level. Making our products be the selection of choice for flooring design solutions.




Newmarket New Zealand

Builders: smlxlprojects

Installers: Precision flooring Australia

Designers: Coco Republic 

Our collaboration with Coco Republic specified our European Oak range in our popular decor colour Gris. Our client required a product that would be equipped for high traffic areas. 

Coco Republic Newmarket, New Zealand retail store.





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